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Three large, high-priority target areas for lithium-bearing minerals identified at Lasalle

Positive initial results returned from the hyperspectral, remote sensing and airborne magnetic data review, prompting an expansion of the Lasalle claims package to 35km²


  • Detailed satellite and hyperspectral analysis designed to detect lithium-bearing minerals has highlighted two new high-priority areas at Lasalle, each of which extend over a strike length of 2- 6km and 100-500m width and contain several anomalies.

  • As a comparison, similar hyperspectral analysis was conducted over the CV5 lithium discovery by Patriot Battery Metals Inc (ASX: PMT), where anomalies were highlighted over the areas of outcropping lithium pegmatites that are similar to those identified at Lasalle.

  • A review of high-resolution aerial orthoimage photography has identified several prominent ‘white patches’, characteristic of pegmatite/granite outcrops on or close to all three priority target areas.

  • From this work, a new priority target 1km long and 100m wide was identified from the hyperspectral work to the south-west of the project. As a result, a new claims area has been secured thereby expanding the Lasalle Project to 35sqkm.

  • A high-resolution airborne magnetic survey has now been completed which has delineated several east- and northeast-trending demagnetised features characteristic of pegmatite dykes and highlighted several other target areas for field investigation.

  • This work has greatly assisted target ranking for Cosmos’ first helicopter-assisted field program, planned to commence once the fire restrictions are lifted in Quebec. This will include the Company’s maiden rock sampling program on the Project.

Cosmos Exploration Executive Chairman, Jeremy Robinson, said: “We are very pleased with the outcome of the remote sensing and geophysical techniques we have selected at Lasalle. Multiple targets are now emerging with many similarities to the lithium-bearing pegmatites on Patriot Battery Metals’ neighbouring Corvette Project justifying our recent expansion of the project area”.

“The results of this work are invaluable in helping to fast-track and refine our exploration targeting, giving us clear vectors for our maiden helicopter-assisted rock chip sampling program.”


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