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Byro East Project

100%-owned by Cosmos with similar geological setting to Julimar (Gonville) and Nova Bollinger deposits

Prospective for 

  • Nickel Copper PGE minerlisation

  • Rare Earths Ironstone minerlisation

  • Rare Earths clay hosted minerlisation

Work to date has included extensive geophysical and soil sampling programs identifying multiple targets

Drilling to commence in October 2023

REE_20011 (005) Cosmos.png
REE_20009 (005) Cosmos.png

The Project is geologically located on the north-western margin of the Yilgarn Craton, in the Western Gneiss Terrane, approximately 300km north-west of Geraldton, Western Australia.  The Yilgarn Craton has been divided into a series of major provinces, terranes, and domains and is globally significant for gold and nickel endowment, including other base metals and industrial minerals. The Narryer Terrane is a sub-set of the Yilgarn Craton that has been historically underexplored in the view of RareX compared to other parts of the Craton.   

The Bryro East Project is made up of 5 tenements primarily prospective for intrusive related Ni-Cu-PGE deposits and orogenic gold mineralisation. The main tenement package lies 35km to the southwest of Desert Metals (ASX: DM1) Innouendy prospect with the Company announcing on 4 May 21 the intersection of massive magmatic sulphides, thought to be the first in the Narryer terrane.  This intersection validates the intrusive related Ni-Cu-PGE exploration model applied by RareX and significantly strengthens the deposit type prospectively for the region.

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