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Significant Rare Earths Potential at Byro East, WA

Significant rare earths potential at Byro East, WA with rock chips up to 1.1% TREO and potential carbonatite identified


  • Rock chip sample BY23K360 (1.1% TREYO, 21% NdPr) from the Leatherback prospect confirms the presence of a weathered carbonatite-alkaline intrusion, coincident with multi-kilometre long REE soil geochemistry, magnetic and gravity high anomalies.

  • Ore grade concentrations of scandium with 263ppm Sc203 and 0.7% TREYO (30% NdPr) returned in rock chip sample LRBY21, interpreted to be an iron oxide-rich weathered ferrocarbonatite, pyroxenite-bearing carbonatite or phoscorite.

  • Leatherback's coincident magnetic and gravity features with elevated REE-Ba-Sr-Nb-Ca-NiCr-Mg soil geochemistry further substantiate the presence of a mafic to ultramafic alkaline-carbonatite complex at the Leatherback prospect.

  • World-renowned expert Professor Ken Collerson has confirmed that the rock chip geochemical signatures are akin to alkaline and carbonatite complex magmatism, drawing parallels to the Kola Peninsula (Finland/Russia) and Mirima Hill carbonatite in Kenya.


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